H-6764 Balástya Őszeszék 198. M5 – Balástyai lehajtó – 147-es km  46.404379 - 19.976264

06 62 202-380    info@family-hotel.hu

WhatsApp # 0036 704 34 1453

Grill Terrace

Besides our Self-service Bistro, guests who just come round can assuage their hunger in a Grill Terrace that offers barbeque food and meal fried in oven. In the open-kitchen our cooks barbecue various meats before your eyes. In Grill Terrace we wait you with delicious roast meats, and large and stodgy portions of food.


Self-service Bistro

In our 24-hours open Self-service Bistro we wait travelers who get hungry underway and have only little time to meal but they would like to eat delicious and stodgy food for fair price.


A’ la Carte Restaurant

In our A'la Carte Restaurant our guests can choose of delicacies made from fresh basic commodities that remind them Hungarian and international cuisine. Tasty foods are served choicely, quickly and professionally.